Welcome to Daisie, where passion intersects with purpose, creativity harmonizes with sustainability, and fashion advances towards the future. Our brand pulsates at the heart of Daisy Tanwani, our founder, whose journey in the realm of fashion is a vivid tale of inspiration.

 Meet Daisy Tanwani

Daisy’s narrative is woven with love, dedication, and an unwavering drive for creativity. From her earliest years, she was spellbound by the fashion universe, viewing it not merely as a venue for self-expression but as a vibrant canvas for creating wearable art. Dreaming boundlessly and fueled by ambition, Daisy embarked on an explorative path that led her through diverse experiences within the fashion industry. She absorbed every role she undertook, amassing a wealth of knowledge and insights that would lay the cornerstone of her own brand.

The Genesis of Daisie

The fusion of Daisy’s fervor for fashion and her aspiration to forge a meaningful legacy culminated in the vision of Daisie — a brand that transcends style to embody Daisy’s adoration for the Y2K aesthetic, a celebration of footwear craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainability and ethical production principles. Daisie emerged not just as a brand but as a declaration, a stride towards mindful brand building within the vibrant tapestry of India.

 Our Ethos

Daisie champions the belief that footwear can narrate stories, make bold statements, and leave behind a footprint that extends far beyond mere fashion. Our collections, notably the hallmark Y2K Collection, pay homage to the everlasting charm of the millennium’s turn, reenvisioned for the contemporary, eco-conscious consumer. Our dedication transcends aesthetics, anchoring in sustainable practices, ethical manufacturing, and uplifting the local community by ensuring that each pair of shoes is crafted with affection and precision in India.

Embark on Our Journey

Daisie stands as more than a mere brand; it’s a gathering of trendsetters who are committed to making a positive impact, one step at a time. Under Daisy Tanwani’s leadership, we warmly invite you to join our quest of rekindling the past, cherishing the present, and stepping into a sustainable future with footwear that not only looks appealing but also embodies goodness.

Welcome to Daisie, where every shoe tells a tale, and every tale is intricately spun with love, ingenuity, and a pledge to our planet and its inhabitants. Join us, and together, let’s craft a world that is both more stylish and sustainable.