Let’s Ankle play this winters!

Ankle Boots for the season

You ankle, I ankle We all Ankle🫶🏻

Say hello to the newbies in the house! Ankle boots are here to Stay!

Winers are here and so are boots but colors in boots is just what you exactly need!

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Walking on clouds is no more a dream!

The Toasties

Toasties freshly baked from the oven!

Comfort >>>>>

Say hello to the New launches!

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Here we all love Double Troubles😉

Ombre Y2K Sandals

Just limited pieces | Miss it or Kiss it 💋

Limited Edition

Say hell yes to all the troubles when it comes to fashion.

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Old is gold, No doubt but old with a pinch of some crazyness is cherry on the cakeee!


The hit collection calls for a 2.O version of it 😉


We got crazier with 9 more colors in your favourite collection 😳

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Get your hands on these last pieces left before they are completely gone ♡

Oh No! Only last some pieces left!

You definitely don’t want to miss them! All @ 899/-

All of us leave one day so is the same with some great designs that won’t be back now! EVERRRRR!

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Oh! It’s Live

The Chunk fun is now Live!

Holds you like an octopus

Octopus? Yess

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Shop these exquisite pair of Pencil heels & change the goddamn vibe.

2023 is all about Bling

Diamond no more in sky but in feet.

The fashion forecast this year is all blingy & how come daisy leaves a chance to hop on fashion trend before everyone and anyone!

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Handcrafted is Beautiful!

Who doesn’t love intricate , The beauty of intricacy hits different when the product is handmade! Yes these heels are handmade & every bead is hand embellished by artisans.
It’s just not a footwear, it’s a Handmade ~ Hand Embellished ~ Footwear.

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Shop the last pieces from Lavender Kisses just @ 999/-

Oh no! It’s time for a Goodbye.

Super cushioned flats | Last pieces

Just before we discontinue this collection, get your hands on these before they are completely stock out! This is your last chance.

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Luxe, lightweight, and made with the perfect blend of love and fashion.

What People Are Saying

My go to Sliders

"I am honestly in love with the sliders I ordered. I have ordered noodle slippers & honestly they have become my go to sliders."

Mahima Pujara

Worth every penny

"Ordered a magenta sliders from their braided collection & they are so comfortable & so so pretty. I love them. Worth every penny I pai.d"


So comfortable

"I am buying their wild in the go sliders from you guys. First I bought for myself & found them so comfortable then I bought for mybest friend for her birthday gift & now after 1-5 years I bought the same for myself again. I almost wore them everyday for so much time & now finally when they are worn out I am buying them again. Worth it."

Muskan Jindal

Most Wanted

"Thanks for shipping so fast. I wanted to gift to my mom & these reached the perfect time. Sheeeee loved them ♥️"

Anu Mishra

Super Slider

"Oh god. It’s honestly my 11th or 12th purchase from you guys & I am guilty of not giving you a reviews to you guys before, I loved each & every slider I have bought from you. They are super super super comfortable….. thanks so much."